GRS-PY751:  Advanced Particle Physics I

This is the first semester of a two semester sequence on advanced particle physics. We will focus on experimental and theoretical aspects of the standard model. This includes the theory of the strong interactions and confinement, the SU(2)xU(1) theory of the weak interactions and electroweak symmetry breaking via the Higgs mechanism. We will also explore what is observed in collider experiments such as ATLAS or CMS at the LHC. A special emphasis of the course will be on experimental tests of the standard model and the physics of the Higgs boson. In the second semester, we will study special topics in standard model physics and discuss proposals for physics beyond the standard model. The syllabus.

Peskin's notes are here, the Appendix of his QFT book which contains the Feynman rules and useful formulae for Feynman diagram calculations here.

Particle chart.

Parton distribution functions are available as a mathematica package. To use them, download this demo mathematica notebook and place it in the same directory as this auxiliary file. Open the demo notebook with mathematica and evaluate the various lines to learn how to use the pdfs.

Lecture notes:

1-21, 22-28, 29-37, 38-47, 48-57, 58-62, 63-77, 78-92, 89-99, 100-105, 106-112, 113-123, 124-128,

Problem sets:

The ALEPH paper.

Mathematica commands for analyzing the .lhe files which MadGraph produces are defined in this mathematica package. To learn how to use them to extract particle momenta, energies, angles, etc and make histograms with them see this mathematica example notebook which goes hand in hand with these tutorial instructions by Maxim Perelstein from Cornell.