Citations to Publications in Physical Review D 1975-1994

This data covers all citations from the SPIRES High-Energy Physics Database at SLAC as of June 1997 and was compiled by Dr. H. Galic. For reference, the number of articles in each issue of PRD is given in the first line of the table where a new volume first appears. The total number of articles in this list is 24,296.

Warning and Disclaimer (May 19, 1998)

I just discovered that there is inaccurary in this data which stems from authors giving incorrect page numbers for citations. This leads, for example, to citations to 524 separate articles in volume 13 while there are, in fact, only 426 articles in this volume! This gives an idea of the number of articles in the following list that are actually non-existent. SPIRES has been informed of this disparity. Use this data with caution!

Updated Citation Data from SPIRES (May 25, 2003)

In response to the inaccuracy of the earlier citation data to Phys. Rev. D, the SPIRES database has prepared a more accurate report of citation data that covers volumes 50 - 56 of this journal that includce a total of about 5343 articles. An earlier update from May 1998 has just been updated as of May 25, 2003. I thank Louise Addis of SPIRES for providing this newer data. For reference, there are 294 uncited papers out of this total -- approximately 5.5% -- while in May of 1998, approximately 14% of these same papers were uncited. The current data is here.