Midterm Administrivia

  1. The exam begins promptly at 8pm and ends at 9:30.
  2. There are 3 separate locations for the midterm. Section A1 should go to COM 101. Section B1 should go to SCI 107. Section C1 should go to KCB 101.
  3. No notes, books, cellphones, calculators, or any personal electronic devices will be allowed. A visible cellphone or calculator during the exam will be considered as cheating and you will receive zero points for this exam.
  4. A formula sheet will be provided. Please do not bring a formula sheet to the exam.
  5. SHOW YOUR WORK! This will help maximize the chances of getting partial credit. You must show intermediate steps of your solution to receive full credit. A correct answer only is insufficient.
  6. I will be at a conference in Germany all next week. Prof. Jim Miller will give the lectures for my section next week. I will travel this Friday starting at 1:30pm and will return on Saturday Feb. 18. During the week, I should have sporadic email access. I will also have an extra office hour from 11-12 this Friday in my office SCI 323.