Statement of Newtons's Laws

Newton's First Law:

Newton's Second Law:

Equations of Motion/Kinematic Equations

For constant net force and motion beginning at t=0:  ax= ΣFx/m   ay= ΣFy/m.

Then the equations of motion, or the kinematic equations, are:


vx(t) = vx(0) + ax t
x(t) = x(0) + vx(0) t +½ ax t2

vx(t)2 = vx(0)2 + 2 ax [x(t) - x(0)]

x(t) = x(0) +½ [v(0) + vx(t)] t

and similarly for the y-direction.

IMPORTANT: Keep the x-component and y-component equations separate! The only attribute common to both sets of equations is the time.