What's on the test?

There will be 4 problems:

  1. One on the applications of kinematic equations.
  2. One that contains two short conceptual questions.
  3. One on projectile motion.
  4. One Newton's second law problem that involves friction.

Study and Test-Taking Suggestions

  1. Practice practice practice! The more problems you solve, the better. The book's full of them. Working out problems is much more effective than passively reading the text.
  2. SHOW YOUR WORK! This will maximize the chances of receiving partial credit. You must show intermediate steps of your solution to receive full credit. A correct answer only is insufficient.
  3. Manage your time appropriately. You have over 20 minutes per problem, which should be ample time to work through these problems.
  4. Take the time to organize the data, to draw free-body diagrams, and to show your coordinate system.