Novel Materials Laboratory

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We are fortunate to collaborate with a large number of research groups around the world….

· Professor Joseph Nordgren, Soft X-Ray Physics Group, Department of Physics, Uppsala University.  We have an extensive collaboration in the study of many materials with Professor Nordgren, and our XES spectrometer is based on his design.

· Professor Martha Greenblatt, Department of Chemistry, Rutgers University.  Professor Greenblatt provides us with quasi-low dimensional metal oxides in a highly productive collaboration.

· Professor Russ Egdell, Chemistry Research Laboratory, Oxford University.  We collaborate with Professor Egdell in the study of the basic electronic structure of metal oxides using our XES/RIXS and XPS.

· Professor Linda Doerrer, Department of Chemistry, Boston University.  We are working with Professor Doerrer on the study of new organic materials for electronic applications.

· Professor Tim Jones, Department of Chemistry, University of Warwick.  We are studying small molecule organic photovoltaic thin films with Professor Jones.

· Professor Chris McConville, Department of Physics, University of Warwick.  We study the electronic structure of nitride and oxide thin films with Professor McConville

· Dr. Cormac McGuinness, School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin.  Dr. McGuinness, is a former postdoctoral research associate with our group, and we continue to collaborate on a number of projects.

· Dr Jinghua Guo, Advanced Light Source, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  Our XES and RIXS experiments at the ALS are performed in collaboration with Dr. Guo on beamline 7.0.1.

· Dr Alexei Fedorov, Advanced Light Source, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  Our ARPES experiments at the ALS are performed with Dr. Fedorov on beamline 12.0.1.

· Professor Graeme Watson, School of Chemistry, Trinity College Dublin.  We collaborate with Professor Watson, where his group perform DFT calculations associated with our experiments on metal oxides.

· Professor Rolf Berger, Department of Materials Chemistry, Uppsala University.  Professor Berger provides us with metal dichalcogenides with novel spin structures, such as TlCo2Se2

· Professor Stewart Wolf, Materials Science and Engineering, University of Virginia.  We have a highly productive collaboration with Professor Wolf in the study of strained metal oxide thin films. 

· Dr. Peter Johnson, Department of Physics, Brookhaven National Laboratory     Some of our ARPES studies of quasi-low dimensional conductors are performed in collaboration with Dr. Johnson.

· Professor Theodore Moustakas, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Boston University    Professor Moustakas uses molecular beam epitaxy to grow many of the wide band gap semiconductors that we study.

· Dr. Laurent Duda, Soft X-Ray Physics Group, Department of Physics, Uppsala University, Sweden.    We collaborate with Dr. Duda from Professor Nordgren's group on the RIXS study of correlated materials

· Dr. James Downes, Department of Physics and Engineering, Macquarie University, Australia.  Dr. Downes received his Ph.D. from BU for work in the Novel Materials Lab.  We continue to work with Dr. Downes on XES studies of thin film organic semiconductors and rare-earth nitrides.

· Dr. Greg Hughes, School of Physical Sciences, Dublin City University, Ireland    We collaborate with Dr. Hughes on the study of wide band gap semiconductor materials.

· Professor Geetha Balakrishnan, Department of Physics, University of Warwick.  We collaborate with Professor Balakrishnan in the study of magnetic vanadates.