Novel Materials Laboratory

Department of Physics

Department of Chemistry

Division of Materials Science and Engineering

Contact Us

· E-Mail addresses for current and former members of the Novel Materials Laboratory are provided on the “Group Members” page. 


· The department mailing address is

Department of Physics,
Boston University,
590 Commonwealth Avenue,
Boston, MA 02215.

· Our lab phone number is (617) 353-5980.  Our lab is located in Room 180 in the Physics Research Building, 3 Cummington St.  Click here for a map.

· You can reach Professor Smith directly at (617) 353-6117.  His office is Room 357 in the Metcalf Science Center, 590 Comm. Ave.  Click here for a map.

· Our fax number is (617) 353-9393.

· The physics department phone number is (617) 353-2600.

· At Brookhaven you can reach us at (631) 344-5701 on Beamline X1B.

· Directions to the Boston University Charles River Campus can be found  here.