Kevin Lynch's Really Boring Home Page

This is my homepage. I am a Research Assistant Professor in the experimental Intermediate Energy Group of the Physics Department at Boston University, where I work on the BU contributions to the muLan, muCap, and muSun experiments at the Paul Scherrer Institut in Villigen, Switzerland. I also work on a proposed muon g-2 measurement at FNAL, and the FNAL Mu2e experiment. I was a theory graduate student in the High Energy Theory Group at BU, where my thesis advisor was Elizabeth Simmons, now on the Physics faculty at Michigan State University and the Director of the Lyman Briggs School of Science. My thesis was titled "Technimesons and weak gauge bosons in dynamical models of electroweak symmetry breaking".

My research homepage contains more details about my research career. You may contact me via email at krlynch at bu dot edu, or by phone in my office at +1 617 353 6025.

Someday, this page might contain interesting stuff, and pictures and things, but for now, the real reason for the existence of this page is this list of my useful links for myself:

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