A series RLC Circuit

To analyze an AC circuit carry out the following steps:

With all those numbers at your disposal you should be able to determine anything you want about the circuit.

It's interesting to look at the potential differences across the different components as a function of time.

The current in the circuit is i(t) = Imax sin(ωt)

The voltage from the AC source is Δv = ΔVmax sin(ωt + φ)

The source voltage must be equal to the sum of the voltages across the resistor, capacitor, and inductor at all times:
Δv = ΔvR + ΔvC + ΔvL

ΔvR = ΔVRmax sin(ωt)
ΔvC = -ΔVCmax cos(ωt)
ΔvL = ΔVLmax cos(ωt)

ΔVRmax = Imax R
ΔVCmax = Imax XC
ΔVLmax = Imax XL