EJS Simulations by high school physics teachers

The simulations below were created by high school physics teachers in Massachusetts, as part of the NS548 Computer Modeling course at Boston University.

TeacherTopicSimulationjar file Teacher guideStudent worksheet
Jim Berlstein
Mt. Everett High School
Star formation and lifetime
and the H-R diagram
Star simulation ejs_ITOP_Star.jar Word file
PDF file
Word file
PDF file
Jennifer Braman
Newton South High School
Momentum conservation
(from the MCAS)
Momentum simulation ejs_ITOP_Momentum.jar Word file
PDF file
Word file
PDF file
Peter Cranson
Wachusett Regional High School
Momenergy diagrams
(special relativity)
1. Photon collision
2. Inelastic collision
3. Elastic collision
1. ejs_ITOP_Momenergy_Photon.jar
2. ejs_ITOP_Momenergy_Inelastic.jar
3. ejs_ITOP_Momenergy_Elastic.jar
Word file
PDF file
Word file
PDF file
Dave Dale
Chicopee Academy
Chemical rocket
(as with an Estes motor)
Rocket simulation ejs_ITOP_Rocket.jar Word file
PDF file
Ben Eisen
Chicopee High School
A solar system simulation
in three dimensions
Solar system simulation ejs_ITOP_SolarSystem.jar
Gail Howe
Agawam High School
Motion in two dimensions
(like projectile motion)
1. Projectile motion
2. Vectors in 2D motion
3. Airplane drop
1. ejs_ITOP_Motion2D_Projectile.jar
2. ejs_ITOP_Motion2D_Vectors.jar
3. ejs_ITOP_Motion2D_Airplane.jar
1. Overview (PDF)
2. Guide (PDF)
Worksheet (PDF)
Carol Lund
Masconomet Regional High School
Vapor Pressure of water Vapor pressure simulation ejs_ITOP_Vapor_Pressure.jar Word file
PDF file
1. Word file
1. PDF file
2. Word file
2. PDF file
Brandon Schmidt
Newton South High School
Orbital Mechanics
(with three planets)
Orbital mechanics simulation ejs_ITOP_Orbital_Mechanics.jar Word file
PDF file
Word file
PDF file
Renee Sweeney
Westfield High School
Gauss' Law
in three dimensions!
1. Point charge
2. Conducting sphere
3. Insulating sphere
4. Line of charge
1. ejs_ITOP_Gauss_Point.jar
2. ejs_ITOP_Gauss_Conducting.jar
3. ejs_ITOP_Gauss_Insulating.jar
4. ejs_ITOP_Gauss_Line.jar
Word file
PDF file
Word file
PDF file

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