Work and kinetic energy

Set the applied force
-10 N 10 N
Set the distance through which the force is applied, starting at x = 20 m
0 m 50 m
Plot, as a function of position, the ...

This simulation is similar to the impulse/momentum simulation, but in this one the force is applied as the object moves through a specific distance, as opposed to the force being applied for a specific amount of time. When a constant force is applied over a particular distance, the momentum vs. position graph would be non-linear, but the kinetic energy vs. position graph would be linear, so that's the graph we plot here. Just for fun, you can see the momentum vs. position graph, too, if you'd like to.

What is the mass of the object? Given the limitations of the sliders, what is the maximum kinetic energy that can be achieved? what is the minimum kinetic energy that can be achieved?

Simulation written by Andrew Duffy, and first posted on 8-13-2018.

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