Puzzle - rank the current magnitudes

Pick a ranking:

In this simulation, there are three long straight parallel wires, one passing through each corner of an equilateral triangle. A red current is out of the page, while a blue current is into the page. We're looking at a cross-sectional slice through the wires, seeing them end on. The arrow on each of the wires represents the net force that the wire experiences because of its interactions with the other two wires - we're assuming the only forces come from the magnetic interactions between the wires.

Your goal is to rank the wires based on the magnitude of their currents - when you have figured out what the ranking is, press the corresponding ranking button to check your answer. Then, pick a new set of currents and try again. See if you can get 10 correct answers before you get 3 incorrect.

Simulation first posted on 7-14-2016. Written by Andrew Duffy

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