Set the spring constant
1 N/m 4 N/m
Set the mass of the ball
1 kg 4 kg
Set the damping parameter
0 1
Graph (versus time):
Graph (versus position):
Graph (versus total distance traveled):

A ball on a spring moves horizontally. If the damping is set to zero, the surface is frictionless. The larger the damping, the larger the friction.

The ball is always released from rest when the spring is stretched 1.0 m from its natural length.

Check out all the different graphs, and compare the zero friction case to the case with friction.

Simulation written by Andrew Duffy, and first posted on 8-01-2017.
Sign of angular acceleration graph fixed on 8-03-2017.
Added energy vs distance graph (inspired by Brian Frank) on 1-28-2018

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