Adding heat to water

This simulation shows the graph of temperature as a function of time for a sample of water that starts at -20 degrees C, and has heat added to it at a constant rate.

The simulation uses constants in units of calories, because those are nice numbers for water. The specific heat of liquid water is 1 cal / (g deg. C), while the specific heat of solid or gaseous water is 0.5 cal / (g deg. C). The latent heat of fusion of water is 80 cal / g, and the latent heat of vaporization of water is 540 cal / g.

With these numbers and the information from the graph, you should be able to figure out the rate at which energy is added to the water sample. Don't forget to be amazed by how much time the sample spends changing phase.

Simulation written by Andrew Duffy, and first posted on 8-24-2018.

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