RLC circuit

Resistance (in ohms)
50 ohms 150 ohms
Capacitance (in microfarads)
3.0 microF 8.0 microF
Inductance (in mH)
5 mH 50 mH
Frequency (in Hz)
300 Hz 700 Hz

This simulation shows several representations for a series RLC circuit. The impedance triangle is shown at the top right. At the bottom left is the voltage vs. time graph, for the source voltage (purple), the voltage across the resistor (red), the voltage across the inductor (blue), and the voltage across the capacitor (green). At the bottom right is a graph of the peak current as a function of the frequency.
Adjust the sliders, and see what changes in response.

Simulation first posted on 3-13-2016. Written by Andrew Duffy

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