Essential Physics

This web site accompanies a self-published textbook, for algebra-based introductory physics (often called College Physics), that I have written. The first volume of the book, Essential Physics, is available from Amazon (click here for the Amazon link). If you are interested in obtaining a review copy of the book, or in adopting the book for your own classroom, please let me know by e-mail at The book is currently being used by approximately 400 students at Boston University.

I am also working on iPad app versions of the two volumes. You can find those at Physics I HD and Physics II HD. Volume 1 currently has 13 out of 15 chapters, and volume two has 9 of 14.

Andrew Duffy, Department of Physics, Boston University

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Simulations constructed with Ejs (Easy Java simulations) are based the Easy Java Simulations package created by Francisco Esquembre.