Vector Components

With this simulation, you can practice splitting a vector into its components, and practice finding the magnitude and direction of a vector if you know the components.

In the "Find components" mode, you are given the magnitude and direction of the vector, and your goal is to find the x-component and the y-component of the vector.

In the "Find magnitude and direction" mode, you are given the two components, and you need to find the magnitude and direction of the vector. The direction is specified as an angle, in degrees, measured counter-clockwise from the usual x-axis, which is directed to the right.

When you have worked out and entered your values, click on the "Check Answers" button. If you get any values wrong, you can change them and then click the "Check Answers" button again (you can do this is many times as you like). If you get stuck, you can click the "Show Answers" button. Note that, after pressing the "Show Answers" button, you can not use the "Check Answers" button again until you have obtained a new vector to work on.

You can get a new vector in two different ways: