Vector Addition, with integer components

With this simulation, you can practice vector addition of two vectors in two dimensions. This is a little easier than the next simulation, because in this simulation the x and y components of each vector are all integers.

You are given the magnitude and direction of the two vectors, and your goal is to fill in the nine values in the table (showing the x-component, y-component, and length) of the two vectors, and the resultant vector that is the sum of the first two vectors. You should also determine the angle of the resultant, and enter that value in the box at the right, just above the table.

When you worked out and entered your values, click on the "Check Answers" button. If you get any values wrong, you can change them and then click the "Check Answers" button again (you can do this is many times as you like). If you get stuck, you can click the "Show Answers" button. Note that, after pressing the "Show Answers" button, you can not use the "Check Answers" button again until you have obtained a new pair of vectors to do.

You can get two new vectors by clicking the "Reset Vectors" button.