WIP Events

  • Women at the Top: The Changing Face of the Ivies
    Wed, 05/02/07 04:00PM
    More information at the Radcliffe Website.
  • The Research Life: Work/Family Issues for Scientists and Engineers
  • Conference For Undergr. Women in Physics
  • A career transition: Hong Kong to the US
  • A Parental Leave Policy for Graduate Students at Boston University
  • A Woman in Physics
  • My life in science: a biased random walk approach
  • EU gender policy and other stories
  • A curiosity-driven ride through uncertainties of my physics career pathway
  • WIP/ A Fresh Perspective on Careers Beyond the Ivory Tower
  • Women in Physics Tea
  • CANCELLED: Snapshots of my life as a Woman Physicist/Women in Physics Event
  • A journey in search for new physics: from India to the LHC
  • Why are there so few women in physics?
  • Women in Physics Luncheon
  • Network Structure of Japanese Business Firm
  • Women in Physics: Tea w/ Professor Liz Simmons
  • Experimenting with Life: Entrepreneurship for Scientists
  • Tea Time with Rachele and Mila
  • Welcome Baby Party for Profs. Tsui/Cohen & Jessica Morrison
  • Life After a Physics Bachelor's (Poster)
  • Life After a Physics Bachelor's
  • Life After a Physics Bachelor's (Poster)