Upcoming Events

Condensed Matter Theory Seminar
Ivan Schuller, University of California, Santa Barbara
Friday, Apr. 27, 12:30PM, SCI 352

Condensed Matter Theory Seminar
Sergey Frolov, University of Pittsburgh
Monday, Apr. 30, 11:00AM, SCI 328

Biophysics Seminar
Christopher Gabel, Boston University School of Medicine
Monday, Apr. 30, 12:30PM, SCI 352

Physics Department Colloquium
Sergej Flach, Director, Center for the Theoretical Physics of Complex Systems
Tuesday, May. 01, 3:30PM, SCI 109

PhD Final Oral Exam
Rashi Verma
Wednesday, May. 02, 1:00PM, SCI 328

HET Seminar
Thomas Hartman, Cornell University
Wednesday, May. 02, 4:00PM, PRB 595

Biophysics Seminar
Carey Nadell, Dartmouth College
Monday, May. 07, 12:30PM, SCI 352

Who's Who

Kevin Black
Associate Chair and
Director of Graduate Studies

Robert Carey
Associate Chair and
Director of Undergraduate Studies

Ed Kearns
Associate Chair for
Graduate Admissions and Recruitment

Andrei Ruckenstein
Department Chair

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