Upcoming Events

Departmental Seminar
Xin Yuan
Oct. 25, 2:00PM, SCI 328

Physics Department Colloquium
Plamen Ivanov, BU
Oct. 25, 3:30PM, SCI 109

Particle and Fields Seminar
Joel Meyers, CITA/Toronto
Oct. 26, 3:30PM, PRB 565

Departmental Seminar
Maira Constantino
Oct. 27, 11:30AM, SCI TBA

High Energy Experiment Seminar
Kazuhiro Terao, Columbia University
Oct. 27, 3:30PM

Biophysics/Condensed Matter Seminar
Nuh Gedik, MIT
Oct. 28, 12:00PM, SCI 352

Condensed Matter Theory Seminar
S. Flach, Center for Theore+cal Physics of Complex Systems, Ins+tute for Basic Science, Daejeon, South Korea New Zealand Ins+tute for Advanced Study, Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand
Oct. 31, 3:00PM, SCI 328

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