Upcoming Events

Departmental Seminar
Adam Avakian
Mar. 31, 2:00PM, SCI 352

Condensed Matter Theory Seminar
Dr. Luiz Santos, Perimeter Institute
Apr. 01, 11:00AM, SCI 328

Particle and Fields Seminar
Ben Safdi, MIT
Apr. 01, 3:30PM, PRB 595

Departmental Seminar
Evan Weinberg
Apr. 02, 2:00PM

High Energy Experiment Seminar
Dr. Marcelle Soares-Santos, Fermilab
Apr. 02, 3:30PM, PRB 595

PhD Final Oral Exam
Gustavo Marques Tavares
Apr. 06, 2:30PM, PRB 595

PhD Final Oral Exam
Luis Ibáñez Herrera
Apr. 07, 10:30AM, PRB 595

PhD Final Oral Exam
Colin Howard
Apr. 08, 1:00PM, SCI 352

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