Resources For Understanding Reconstruction Tags

The tags at the end of dataset names encode information on the geometry, database, calibration, and reconstruction versions  used. There are three very useful resources for understanding them.

  • AMI Database – The Atlas Metadata Interface has a search feature which returns the reconstruction tags for a dataset. The tag information can then be retrieved. It is a good resource for quick information such as the geometry used and for determining what tags were used for given samples.
  • Production Tag Database – The Monte Carlo Central Production database, which can be easily searched with the tag in question. It also returns exact command line options so that one could reproduce exactly a specific dataset or configuration. Unfortunately, its knowledge of data tags is lacking, but it is an excellent MC resource.
  • AMI=tag – In a release setup with AtlasProduction the will return the exact transform and flags used to produce this tag. Therefore if one wishes to exactly duplicate a dataset or configuration this command is extremely useful and will return the exact transform as executed on the command line information. As noted on the link the list of tags is not yet complete but growing.