Biological Physics

Rama Bansil, Irving Bigio, Ji-Xin Cheng, Shyamsunder Erramilli, Plamen Ivanov, Maria Kamenetska, Kirill Korolev, Joseph Larkin, Pankaj Mehta, Amit Meller, Jerome Mertz, Kenneth Rothschild, Daniel Segre, Ophelia Tsui

Biological Physics is an interdisciplinary field involving the application of the principles and techniques of experimental physics, biochemistry, and molecular biology to understand how biomolecules function and to characterize, manipulate, and modify living systems. Well-qualified graduate students are eligible for full support and training through an NIH-sponsored Molecular Biophysics Training Program.

W. M. Keck Laboratory for Network Physiology



  • Biomembrane Technology and Biomolecular Photonics
  • Energy Transduction, Ion Transport, and Signal Recognition
  • Experimental Studies of Gels
  • Label-free Spectroscopic Imaging
  • Near-Field Infrared Microscopy
  • Ultrafast Infrared Spectroscopy