Astronomy and Physics Web Links


Compiled by Rick Dower

(NOTE: Thus list does not contain the list that Tom and Norm assembled on the disk for their Workshop project, although there may be some overlap.)



Categories:    Almanacs and Atlases





                                    Solar, Planetary

                                    Asteroids, Comets, Meteorites

                                    High Energy




ASTRONOMY – Almanacs and Atlases

            Multiyear Interactive Computer Almanac from the US Naval Observatory

            JPL’s Solar System Dynamics Group for locations of solar system objects

            Marshall SFC’s site to locate Earth satellites

            3D virtual orrery

            Publisher for tables of planetary positions, etc.

            celestial atlases (1482-1851)




            amateur astronomy radial velocity measurements with CCD cameras

            to request images to be obtained by Case Western Reserve’s automated telescope

            to become part of project to use PCs to analyze SERENDIP data from Arecibo





ASTRONOMY – Education

            tutorial on analemma

            facts and figures about NASA programs intended for teachers

            Amer. Astronomical Soc. Database of educational resources

            Astronomy info. from Students for the Exploration and Development of Space – lots of stuff on astronomy topics

            International Space Physics Educational Consortium site

            NASA Education Home Page

            Astronomical Society of the Pacific site

            Astronomical Society of the Pacific list of astronomy activities for K-12 students

            Astronomy Workshop site

            Various goofs and the real deal




            European stone monuments, e.g. Stonehenge,etc.



            more information about NASA programs,

            National Space Science Data Center – popular NASA images

            Space Telescope Science Institute images from Hubble Space Telescope

            Apollo 11 information



ASTRONOMY – Solar, Planetary

            Pictures from Solar and Helioshperic Observatory satellite

            NOAA and NASA sites on space weather in region between Sun and Earth

            U. of Alaska Aurora site

            Paleomap Project animation of drifting continents

            Geoscience Information System Interactive Map Server allows construction and downloading of customized maps of Earth features

            Landsat images of Earth

            images from Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Ocean Remote Sensing Group

            National Center for Atmospheric Research visualization gallery

            Weather World 2010 Project – explanations and case studies

            NOAA image archive (from Ben Franklin’s drawing of Gulf Stream to present)

            National Geophysical Data Center site

            Topographical features visible on a given night, links to other lunar sites

            Mars Global Surveyor images, e.g. shadow of Phobos on Mars’ surface

            compendium of Galileo’s first nine orbits of Jupiter

            multimedia tour of the nine planets

            views and movies of planets constructed from satellite images

            extrasolar planets and links to other sites



ASTRONOMY – Asteroids, Comets, Meteorites

            photos of asteroid Eros from NEAR satellite in orbit around it

            fundamentals of meteorites

            large gallery of annotated meteorite images

            information on the 14 known Martian meteorites

            JPL’s Near Earth Object Program site

            Natural Resources Canada database on 160 impact craters on Earth



ASTRONOMY – High Energy

            High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Resource Center, access to raw data and much more

            Quasi-periodic Oscillations Site – recent papers and obs. on x-ray binaries

            collapsar model for gamma ray bursts

            images of galactic planetary nebulae

            Space Telescope Science Institute’s page on black holes

            Chandra Observatory site



ASTRONOMY – Cosmology

            history and news on age and size of the universe

            Cosmology Tutorial

tutorials on cosmic microwave background

            supercomputer simulations of galaxy cluster evolution




            Astrophysics Data System data base

            SkyView virtual telescope creates all-sky images at various wavelengths from data bases

            all-sky maps in various wavelengths

images form 2MASS all-sky infrared survey

            astronomy images and more

            examples of faulty astronomical images and fixes

            Space Movie Archive – movies and animations

            movies of eclipses, solar flares, etc.

            movie of Wolf-Rayet 104 spinning from Keck I images

            songs about astronomy




Categories:    Constants




                                    Solids and Liquids



                                    Light & Optics

                                    Electricity & Magnetism






PHYSICS - Constants

            Most recent release of values of physical constants from NIST

            Coordinated Universal Time

            information on time signals



PHYSICS - History

            Archimedes – texts and inventions

            Geometry of War, 1000-1750 at Oxford’s Museum of the History of Science

            manuscript of Galileo’s “Notes on Motion”

            Institute and Museum of the History of Science in Florence site – Leonardo, Galileo, Lavoisier, etc.

            Library of Congress archive of Alexander Graham Bell’s papers

            Emilio Segre Visual Archives at AIP Center for History of Physics – photos of physicists and astronomers

            Amer. Inst. of Physics exhibit on Heisenberg

            Amer. Physical Soc. Timeline for physics from 1896

            history of transistor discovery – accompanies PBS show



PHYSICS - Education

            American Physical Society and many links to other sites



            variety of physics experiment applets



PHYSICS - Energy

            Stirling engine – tutorial, pictures, instructions for building

            National Renewable Energy Laboratory site

            California Energy Commission site



PHYSICS - Solids and Liquids

            snow crystals and research on them

            Crystal Lattice Structures site maintained by Naval Research Lab

            demos with liquid nitrogen

            fun with liquid nitrogen



PHYSICS - Aeronautics

            tutorials on jet flight topics

            computational fluid dynamics movies

            Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory simulations of hurricanes




            musical acoustics, physics of the flute

            aspects of sound physics and perception

            information on perfect pitch and those who have it

            perceived pitch of complex sounds



PHYSICS - Light & Optics

            links to various areas of vision science

            laser history and operating principles



PHYSICS - Electricity & Magnetism

            links to information on superconductors

            refrigerator magnets – structure and uses

            electromagnetic field movie images

            historical photos of electrical devices

            Internet Plasma Physics Education Experience site



PHYSICS –Relativity and Einstein

            Animated cartoons give relativistic views

            Cal Tech photo archive with Einstein photos

            Einstein family photos, etc.

            Amer. Inst. of Physics site on Einstein



PHYSICS - Particles

Particle physics links maintained by APS (American Physical Society)

            Particle physics Web directory

            lbnl particle data group site on particles and interactions

            includes The Particle Adventure and Fusion activities

            The Particle Adventure site on the Standard Model

            Particle Physics in the UK Picture of the Week

            U. of Helsinki Ultimate Neutrino Page – educational applets, etc.

            links to neutrino experiments

            Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider site

            animation of gold-gold nucleus collisions in RHIC at Brookhaven

            The Official String Theory Web Site – information, interviews

            humorous tutorial on string theory

Links to other particle physics sites

Summer projects by QuarkNet teachers

For event (and bubble) pictures, go to resources for detectors, then Events and Challenges:



PHYSICS – Nuclear

            Table of Isotopes information and links

            carbon-14 dating history and applications

            International Atomic Energy Agency site

            tutorial on MRI and related topics




            annotated list of physics Web sites

            Amer. Inst. of Physics photo archive

            U. Mass Physics Education Research Group site

            results of research on physics education

            answers to physics and relativity FAQs

            Physicists on banknotes, link to physicists on stamps

            images, history, cartoons, essays, etc.

            Physics and Astronomy humor page

            Physics Humor Links

            Russian animations of waves, optics, mechanics, thermodynamics

            triboluminescence from WintOGreen Life Saver candy

            Digital Instruments NanoTheater images




            Categories:     Nobel Prize




SCIENCE ETC. – Nobel Prize

            Nobel Prize site

            video discussions, animations, etc. related to Nobel Prize winners and work

            info, gossip, links




            songs about astronomy

            science jokes

            Physics and Astronomy humor page

            Physics Humor Links




            lab safety course from Howard Hughes Medical Institute

            National Science Teachers Association

            U. Mass Physics Education Research Group site

            results of research on physics education

            4000 Years of Women in Science and links to other resources

            links to online course material posted by professors

            Internet Psychology Lab

            perceptual illusions, etc.



            winning web sites designed by high school students electricity, cosmology, etc.

            Archives of Sounds Like Science

            Physicists on banknotes, link to physicists on stamps

            answers to physics and relativity FAQs

            answers to chemistry FAQs

            answers to science FAQs

            fact and fiction in popular understanding of science

            Truth about science misconceptions



            explanations of everyday objects and mechanisms