Here you can find all information about future Photon activities, including rundowns of future meetings. Future activities can always be found on our Photon Calendar (see below). To get a feel for what Photon has been up to, check out some of Last Year’s Highlights (also below). 

Photon Calendar


On the Horizon

  • A full-blown outreach initiative, led by Outreach Officers Ryan Gelly and Joseph Stuckey
  • Semester project!
  • Collaborations with other BU science clubs
  • Physics study and help sessions

Last Year’s Highlights

  • Photon Goes to The Museum of Science!
  • BU Physics Pumpkin Drop 2013
  • First annual Explosion Day
  • First annual Wave Day
  • Photon goes to SkyZone!
  • Photon hikes Blue Hills!
  • Survey raffle contest
  • SPS Mixer: Ice skating at the Frog Pond with Harvard and MIT
  • SPS Mixer: Extreme Picnic with Northeastern SPS
  • Guest Speakers: Nicholas Schade (metamaterials), Lina Necib (theoretical particle phenomenology), Sidney Redner (statistical physics), Kirill Korolev (biophysics), and Robert Carey (precision particle experiment)
  • Student Speakers: Vishal Bala (Black Hole Imaging), Gerard Lawler (Validation of the Mars International Reference Ionosphere), Ryan Gelly (High-Resolution Nanoparticle Microscopy), and Ben Dickens (Emergent Properties of Large, Diverse Ecosystems)
  • Experiments: Measuring the Visible Spectrum of the Human Eye, Verifying the Mpemba Effect