Plamen Ch. Ivanov

Plamen Ch. Ivanov

Research Faculty (Research Professor)
Office: SCI, Room 210. 617-353-4733


Research Interests:

Physiologic Dynamics and Neural Control: cardiac, respiratory, locomotor, circadian rhythms, sleep
Network Physiology: interactions between integrated physiologic systems
Nonlinear Dynamics and Coupling: fractal and multifractal stochastic processes, stochastic feedback, phase synchronization
Excitable Media: myocardial tissue
Disordered Systems: spin and atomic chains with correlated disorder
Phase Transitions in Physical and Biological Systems
Econophysics: financial and social dynamics

Selected papers:

  • 02/28/12 Network physiology reveals relations between network topology and physiological function
  • 06/26/12 Phase transitions in physiologic coupling
  • 04/22/13 Asymmetry and basic pathways in sleep-stage transitions
  • 07/01/10 Aging Effects on Cardiac and Respiratory Dynamics in Healthy Subjects across Sleep Stages
  • 05/05/10 Correlated walks down the Babylonian markets
  • 08/18/09 Maternal–fetal heartbeat phase synchronization
  • 04/21/09 Levels of complexity in scale-invariant neural signals
  • 12/26/07 Endogenous circadian rhythm in human motor activity uncoupled from circadian influences on cardiac dynamics
  • 11/01/07 Fractal scale-invariant and nonlinear properties of cardiac dynamics remain stable with advanced age: a new mechanistic picture of cardiac control in healthy elderly
  • 03/30/07 Patterns of spiral wave attenuation by low-frequency periodic planar fronts
  • 06/26/06 Spurious detection of phase synchronization in coupled nonlinear oscillators
  • 03/15/06 Cross-correlation of instantaneous phase increments in pressure-flow fluctuations: Applications to cerebral autoregulation
  • 12/28/04 Endogenous circadian rhythm in an index of cardiac vulnerability independent of changes in behavior
  • 12/14/04 Common scale-invariant patterns of sleep–wake transitions across mammalian species
  • 10/20/04 New class of level statistics in correlated disordered chains
  • 12/15/02 A stochastic model of human gait dynamics
  • 08/29/02 Metal–insulator transition in chains with correlated disorder
  • 06/03/99 Multifractality in human heartbeat dynamics
  • 08/15/98 Stochastic feedback and the regulation of biological rhythms
  • 09/26/96 Scaling behaviour of heartbeat intervals obtained by wavelet-based time-series analysis


M.S. in Condensed Matter Physics, 1988, Sofia University, Sofia, Bulgaria
Ph.D. in Cellular Biophysics, 1998, Boston University, Boston, MA


Elected Fellow of the American Physical Society (2010)
Georgi Nadjakov Medal, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (2012)
Pitagor (Pythagoras) Prize, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (2014)


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