Mengkun Liu

Mengkun Liu

Graduate Student until 2012
Office: SCI, Room B48. 617-358-5338


Selected papers:

  • 12/30/10 Performance enhancement of terahertz metamaterials on ultrathin substrates for sensing applications
  • 03/28/11 Rapid Transfer-Based Micropatterning and Dry Etching of Silk Microstructures
  • 06/03/11 Metamaterials on Paper as a Sensing Platform
  • 08/05/11 Photoinduced Phase Transitions by Time-Resolved Far-Infrared Spectroscopy in V2O3
  • 10/11/11 Evidence of a hidden-order pseudogap state in URu2Si2 using ultrafast optical spectroscopy
  • 01/20/12 Silk-Based Conformal, Adhesive, Edible Food Sensors


BS, Fudan University, P. R. China;
Teaching Assistant PY 105 & Fall ’06 PY 106 Spring ’07
Research Assistant Since Summer 2007

Postdoc, UCSD