Louis Frederick Piper

Louis Frederick Piper

Research Faculty (Research Assistant Professor) until 2010
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Research Interests:

Interdisciplinary materials studies, employing x-ray spectroscopy techniques to investigate the electronic structure of solids, both within the bulk and the near-interface region. I have taken the lead role in various experimental studies of organic compounds, correlated oxides, rare-earth nitrides, transparent conducting oxides, nitride semiconductors, and solid oxide fuel cell cathodes. Along with these projects, I directly supervise the graduate students in their research, upkeep the major multi-technique spectroscopy system at X1B, and assist various international research groups (e.g. Oxford University, Case Western Reserve University, Trinity College Dublin, Victoria University of Wellington, Jefferson Laboratory). I have extensive experience of ultra-high vacuum (UHV) equipment, and am considered an expert in the application of various spectroscopies, such as: soft x-ray absorption, x-ray emission, (and angular) photoemission spectroscopy; resonant inelastic x-ray scattering (RIXS).

Selected papers:

  • 12/01/10 Soft x-ray spectroscopic study of the ferromagnetic insulator V{_0.82}Cr{_0.18}O{_2}
  • 06/22/10 Direct evidence of metallicity at ZnO (0001bar)-(1x1) surfaces from angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
  • 02/10/10 Electronic structure of N,N'-ethylene-bis(1,1,1-trifluoropentane-2,4-dioneiminato)-copper(II) (Cu-TFAC), from soft X-ray spectroscopies and density functional theory calculations
  • 01/19/10 Electronic band structure information of GdN extracted from x-ray absorption and emission spectroscopy
  • 01/11/10 Electronic structure of C60/Phthalocyanine/ITO interfaces studied using soft x-ray spectroscopies
  • 01/06/10 Soft x-ray spectroscopy study of the element and orbital contributions to the electronic structure of copper hexadecafluoro-phthalocyanine
  • 12/30/09 Comparative study of bandwidths in copper delafossites from x-ray emission spectroscopy
  • 02/05/09 X-ray spectroscopic study of the electronic structure of CuCrO2
  • 01/12/09 Electronic Structure of In2O3 from Resonant X-ray Emission Spectroscopy
  • 10/14/08 Band structure of ZnO from resonant x-ray emission spectroscopy
  • 09/24/08 Observation of quantized subband states and evidence for surface electron accumulation in CdO from angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
  • 04/25/08 Nature of the Band Gap of In2O3 Revealed by First-Principles Calculations and X-Ray Spectroscopy


1) 2010 NSLS/CFN User’s meeting Poster Session Award Winner (Condensed Matter Physics), Brookhaven National Laboratory, May 2010. 2) Postdoctoral Fellow Award, American Vacuum Society (AVS)-55 Electronic Materials & Processing Division, October 2008. 3) PhD awarded May 2006, University of Warwick UK, Supervisor: Prof. Chris McConville: “Physical properties of indium nitride: a highly cation-anion mismatched compound” 4) Young Scientists Award, European Materials Research Society (E-MRS) Spring Meeting, Nice, France. May 2006, 5) Young Scientists Award, E-MRS, Fall Meeting, Warsaw, Poland. Sep 2005, 6) BSc (Hons) Class I, July 2003, University of Warwick UK


Binghamton University, NY Assistant Professor (9/2010 – to date)

Boston University, MA Research Assistant Professor (9/2009 – 08/2010)
(Also contact Beamline Scientist for X1B at National Synchrotron Light Source, Brookhaven National Laboratory)

Boston University, MA Postdoctoral Research Associate 8/2006 – 09/2009
(Also contact Beamline Scientist for X1B )

Warwick University, UK Physics PhD, 2006 Supervisor: Prof. Chris McConville:
“Physical properties of indium nitride: a highly cation-anion mismatched compound” Examiners: Prof. D. P. Woodruff (Warwick University), Prof. R. G. Egdell (Oxford University)

I joined the Novel Materials Group of Prof. Kevin Smith at Boston University as senior post-doctoral research associate in August 2006. In September 2010, I became a Research Assistant Professor. I am also the beamline contact scientist for the undulator beamline X1B at the National Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS), Brookhaven National Labs (BNL) USA. I also perform experiments at the undulator beamlines 7 (soft x-ray fluorescence) 12 (angle-resolved photoemission) at the Advanced Light Source.

I am now an Assistant Professor at Binghamton University, State University of New York