Stefanos Kourtis

Stefanos Kourtis

Postdoctoral Associate (Postdoctoral Associate)


Research interests:

• Physics of classical and quantum computation
• Highly entangled and topological states of matter
• Numerical methods for quantum many-body systems


Full list on arXiv.


• tensorCSP is a python library with tools for definition, manipulation, and contraction of unstructured tensor networks. It is on GitLab and is reasonably well documented.

• My exact diagonalization fortran code is on GitHub. It is largely undocumented, but is maintained. It has a number of attractive features, including:

  • ~ does 1D, 2D, and 3D, if you are brave (in principle it can do any-D);
  • ~ does one or more species of bosons and fermions (and even anyons in 2D);
  • ~ does translation symmetry (point-group symmetries are a big TODO);
  • ~ does static and dynamic responses;
  • ~ does Green's functions and related quantities (e.g. Berry curvature);
  • ~ does all the above at finite temperature;

The best way to get started with it is probably to ask me for instructions.

Other things:

• I was selected as a 2018 resident of The Bridge, the cross-disciplinary residency program of the SciArt Center. I am working with Diaa Ahmedien on a project related to the emergence of collective phenomena in art. Progress is documented -- less frequently than it should on my part -- here.

• I presented QuantumWindchime -- a sonification of the time evolution of quantum wavefunctions -- at Gallery 1832 of LabCentral, as part of the Cambridge Science Festival. You can listen to QuantumWindchime tunes on bandcamp.

• I am the benevolent coffee czar of the CMT group at BU. For issues with the CMT coffee machine or espresso supply, drop me a line.


Symposium on Quantum Matter, Zurich, Switzerland, 11-13 June 2018
Symposium on Quantum Matter, Corfu, Greece, 13-14 July 2017