Peter Garik

Peter Garik

Affiliate Faculty (Clinical Associate Professor - SED/Curriculum & Teaching)
Office: SED, Room 320. 617-353-4735


Research Interests:

Dr. Garik’s research centers mainly on how to improve science instruction through visualization of abstract scientific models using computer tools. He has worked on curriculum projects that integrate computer modeling into the classroom; contributed to in-service teacher training projects; and, co-directed the development of a science museum exhibit incorporating hands-on experiments and multimedia displays. Currently Dr. Garik’s research includes a project that focuses on methods for teaching quantum concepts in general chemistry using computer simulations; a study of expert versus novice understanding of quantum concepts; and, research on engineering instruction. In his research, Dr. Garik works closely with CAS and SED faculty members, and with faculty affiliated with the Science and Mathematics Education Center.


PhD Cornell University