Evan Evans

Evan Evans

Affiliate Faculty (Professor) until 2015
Office: ERB, Room 701. 617-353-9341


Research Interests:

Nano-microscale biomechanics; ultrasensitive force probes and extreme resolution optical techniques; material properties of cellular structure; role of structural forces in cell biochemistry.


  • Ph.D., Engineering Science, University of California at San Diego
  • B.S, M.S., Engineering Physics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

The general objectives of research in my laboratory are to expose the underlying physical mechanisms used by nature in design of complex biological organisms and the related physics of soft organic interfaces in liquids (polymers, membranes, etc.). The goal is to derive insights for biology, condensed matter physics, and advanced technology from the study of "nature's engineering". Mechanical experiments at the nano and micro scales are combined with theory to examine material properties of synthetic and natural membranes, properties of biological cell structure and role of force in cell biochemical function, molecular bonding and adhesion. Material concepts extracted from these studies are applied to the design of specialized nanostructures - e.g. robust membrane capsules for chemical exchange in harsh environments and nanoconduit networks for microdevices.