David Campbell

David Campbell

Office: SCI, Room 340B. 617-353-1948


Research Interests:

* general nonlinear phenomena and complex systems * novel electronic materials, including conducting polymers and organic and high tc superconductors * electron transport in semiconductor superlattices

Selected papers:

  • 03/18/08 Mean Field study of the heavy fermion metamagnetic transition
  • 03/12/08 Electronic compressibility of a graphene bilayer
  • 04/02/07 Unconventional Quantum Phase Transition in a Ring-Exchange Antiferromagnet
  • 07/07/06 Magnetic Excitations of Stripes Near a Quantum Critical Point
  • 06/27/06 Magnetic Excitations of Stripes and Checkerboards in the Cuprates


Ph.D., 1970 Cambridge University


In the news: