Christopher Serino

Christopher Serino

Graduate Student until 2012

Office Hours: By appointment.


Research Interests:

My research interest is non-equilibrium statistical mechanics and its application to near mean-field theoretic descriptions of classical phase transitions as well as simple stochastic models of physical, biological, and social systems, and properties of random walks. Currently I am working on descriptions of damage, fatigue, and catastrophic failure in a model for materials under stress. I am also working on a random walk process adapted from the Pearson walk. Adviser: W. Klein

Selected papers:

  • 03/07/11 New Approach to Gutenberg-Richter Scaling
  • 01/14/10 Pearson Walk with Shrinking Steps in Two Dimensions
  • 01/11/10 Cellular Automaton Model of Damage


Ph.D. Physics, Boston University 2012; M.A. Physics, Boston University 2009; B.S. Physics, University of Massachusetts Amherst (Summa Cum Laude, Departmental Honors in Physics) 2006

Technical Staff, MIT Lincoln Laboratory