Band structure of ZnO from resonant x-ray emission spectroscopy
Journal Article

Published: Tuesday, October 14, 2008
Citation: Physical Review B, Volume 78, Number 15, Pages 155114

Authors (3 total): L. J. Piper, K. Smith, A. Preston

Abstract: Soft x-ray emission and absorption spectroscopy of the O K-edge are employed to investigate the electronic structure of wurtzite ZnO(0001). A quasiparticle band structure calculated within the GW approximation agrees well with the data, most notably with the energetic location of the Zn 3d–O 2p hybridized state and the anisotropy of the absorption spectra. Dispersion in the band structure is mapped using the coherent k-selective part of the resonant x-ray emission spectra. We show that a more extensive mapping of the bands is possible in the case of crystalline anisotropy such as that found in ZnO.