New class of level statistics in correlated disordered chains
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Published: Wednesday, October 20, 2004
Citation: Physical Review Letters, Volume 93, Pages 176804

Authors (1 total): P. C. Ivanov

Abstract: We study the properties of the level statistics of 1D disordered systems with long-range spatial correlations. We find a threshold value in the degree of correlations below which in the limit of large system size the level statistics follows a Poisson distribution (as expected for 1D uncorrelated-disordered systems), and above which the level statistics is described by a new class of distribution functions. At the threshold, we find that with increasing system size, the standard deviation of the function describing the level statistics converges to the standard deviation of the Poissonian distribution as a power law. Above the threshold we find that the level statistics is characterized by different functional forms for different degrees of correlations.