Metamaterials on Paper as a Sensing Platform
Journal Article

Published: Friday, June 03, 2011
Citation: Advanced Materials, Volume 23, Pages 3197 - 3201

Authors (11 total): H. Tao, L. Chieffo, M. A. Brenckle, S. M. Siebert, M. Liu, A. C. Strikwerda, K. Fan, D. Kaplan, X. Zhang, R. Averitt, F. G. Omenetto


A paper-based metamaterial (MM) device, which can potentially be utilized for quantitative analysis in biochemical sensing applications is introduced. Proof-of-concept demonstrations are accomplished by patterning micrometer-sized MM reson­ators on paper substrates and monitoring the resonance shift induced by placing different concentrations of glucose solution on the paper MM.