High speed terahertz modulation from metamaterials with embedded high electron mobility transistors
Journal Article

Published: Thursday, May 05, 2011
Citation: Optics Express, Volume 19, Number 10, Pages 9968-9975
Link: http://www.opticsinfobase.org/oe/abstract.cfm?URI=oe-19-10-9968

Authors (7 total): D. Shrekenhamer, S. Rout, A. C. Strikwerda, C. M. Bingham, R. Averitt, S. Sonkusale, W. J. Padilla


We present a computational and experimental study of a novel terahertz (THz) device resulting from hybridization of metamaterials with pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs), fabricated in a commercial gallium arsenide (GaAs) process. Monolithic integration of transistors into each unit cell permits modulation at the metamaterial resonant frequency of 0.46 THz. Characterization is performed using a THz time-domain spectrometer (THz-TDS) and we demonstrate switching values over 30%, and THz modulation at frequencies up to 10 megahertz (MHz). Our results demonstrate the viability of incorporating metamaterials into mature semiconductor technologies and establish a new path toward achieving electrically tunable THz devices.