Experimental Tests of Quantum Chromodynamics in High-p⊥ Jet Production in 200-GeV/c Hadron-Proton Collisions
Journal Article

Published: Monday, August 20, 1979
Citation: Physical Review Letters, Volume 43, Pages 565-568
Link: http://prl.aps.org/abstract/PRL/v43/i8/p565_1

Authors (1 total): J. Rohlf


Data on inclusive jet production in the transverse-momentum (p⊥) range 0-8 GeV/c for 200-GeV/c p, π-, π+, K-, K+, and p̅ incident on a hydrogen target are presented. The jet cross section is fully corrected for losses and biases, and compared with the predictions of a model based on quantum chromodynamics. Both the absolute cross section and the inclusive charged-particle distributions inside and outside the jet are in qualitative agreement with the model.