Goldhaber Prize and TF of the Year

January 26, 2006

To all in the Physics Family:

It is a great pleasure for the graduate committee to recognize several of our outstanding graduate students with the following awards for the past year:

  1. Chang-Yu Hou is the winner of this year’s Goldhaber prize, given to a for excellence in graduate studies and research in the first year of study. He is currently a second year student, doing research with Prof Claudio Chamon.
  2. Jason St-John is Teaching Fellow of the Year. Jason was a TF for Prof Lawrence Sulak’s course in the Fall semester and is currently doing research with Prof Kevin Smith.
  3. Daniel Gastler is the recepient of the Chairman’s Book Prize for excellence in graduate studies and research.
  4. Hidefumi Tomita and Colin Nichols are each recepients of the Chairman’s Book Prize for excellence in Teaching.

The award winners will all be recognized by the Chairman prior to the annual Dean Edmonds’ Lecture.

Please join me (Bennett Goldberg) in congratulating the winners, and I look forward to seeing all of you next Tuesday at the Dean Edmonds’ Lecture to recognize these outstanding students in person.