Bose appointed CMS Physics Coordinator

April 14, 2017

Associate Professor Tulika Bose has been appointed Physics Co-Coordinator for the CMS experiment at CERN. Starting in September 2017, Bose will be one of two lead scientists charged with reviewing the entire scientific output of the CMS experiment. She will help to define the goals and types of research that collaborators undertake in the hunt for new physics—i.e. theorized exotic particles and new unpredicted phenomena. Additionally, Bose will be responsible for organizing activities to produce and review the physics results of the CMS experiment, whose collaborators publish over 100 papers each year. This new leadership role comes at a particularly exciting time, as substantial new discoveries about our universe are anticipated over the next few years. Prior to this role, Bose served as Trigger Coordinator for the CMS experiment from 2014-2016.