Quincy Public Schools Visit

November 30, -1

Quincy Public School visit

On March 30th, the Physics Department welcomed 50 high school students from neighboring Quincy public schools to explore educational and research opportunities in STEM. Students explored pathways of study in astronomy, toured biology teaching labs, gained first-hand experience in the Quantum Physics and Marine Biology research labs, and were introduced to the design and fabrication of custom scientific equipment and electronics in the SIF and EDF. The day was capped off by a lecture and discussion with Professor Sheldon Glashow on his Nobel Prize winning work.

Students took away a greater understanding of research and the opportunities an education at Boston University provides. “It’s amazing how much knowledge undergrads and graduates have. BU is a great facility that allows students to explore their curiosity”. Many of our visitors left feeling inspired after interacting with our passionate students and faculty, “I definitely think I’ll look into research more. The passion with which the students and professors spoke in regards to their research makes me want to take on something as fulfilling”.

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