Department is home to four 2010 APS Fellows

December 17, 2010

The American Physical Society has selected four professors from the Boston University Physics Department to be APS Fellows: Plamen Ivanov, William Klein, Andrei Ruckenstein, and George Zimmerman.

Plamen Ivanov, Biological Physics. “For his pioneering applications of statistical physics and nonlinear dynamics to physiology and biomedicine, and for uncovering fundamental scaling and multifractal properties, self-organized criticality, sleep- and circadian-related phase transitions in physiologic dynamics.”

William Klein, Statistical & Nonlinear Physics. “For seminal contributions in the physics of nucleation and phase transitions arising from fundamental advances in statistical field-theoretic techniques, and their application to general mean field systems.”

Andrei Ruckenstein, Condensed Matter Physics. “For advances in the theory of Bose condensation and collective effects in atomic gases, the Hubbard and non-Fermi liquid impurity models, and high-temperature superconductivity.”

George Zimmerman, History of Physics.

Congratulations to all of our new Fellows!