Boston University Physics News Archive: 2020

Eric Boyers wins 2020 Susan K. Jackson award new
April 02, 2020:

Congratulations to graduate student Eric Boyers for winning the 2020 CAS Susan K Jackson award. The award is presented by the college to BU honors those people who create and nurture community. Eric is an active and dedicated participant in the department, working to improve graduate student life and experience. He has also organized social events, including a seminar series for graduate students. Congratulations Eric!

Two Physics Undergrads selected as 2020 Goldwater Scholars new
April 02, 2020:

Two BU Physics students, Nik Gjonbalaj and Kevin Reiss, have been named as 2020 Goldwater Scholars, the premier national recognition for exceptional undergraduate STEM students. Nik works with David Sperka in high energy experimental physics, optimizing the L1 trigger of the CMS experiment at the LHC for axion-like particles. He is currently applying deep neural networks to this optimization process to maximize the efficiency of our trigger within the computational constraints at CMS. Kevin has been working with Professor David Campbell and Salvatore Pace to explore some open questions regarding the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam-Tsingou (FPUT) lattice, which is a model of masses connected by nonlinear nearest neighbor interactions. Congratulations!

Physics Department Response to COVID-19 new
March 14, 2020:

The department has outlined a response to the COVID-19 crisis. The guidelines and procedures outlined here are meant to: (a) protect everyone’s safety; (b) provide our students with the highest level educational experiences possible within the constraints of the current situation; and (c) continue carrying out and supporting our research activities as effectively as possible. We want to limit social interactions to protect ourselves and those most at risk, and also contribute, as citizens, to minimizing the stresses on the system (health care, supply chains, industry, etc). Please reach out to the relevant staff member for questions or concerns about teaching, research, or administrative tasks. 



Physics Undergrad Sal Pace selected as first BU Churchill Scholar
February 10, 2020:

Physics Senior, Salvatore Pace, is the first BU student to receive a Churchill Scholarship, an honor comparable to a Rhodes or a Mitchell scholarship. Sal works with professors Campbell and Laumann to research theoretical physics. By the end of junior year, he was the lead author on two papers cowritten with Professor Campbell. Congratulations Sal!

To learn more, please read the feature on BU Today.



Kevin Smith's group research highlighted in Journal of Chemical Physics and AIP
February 05, 2020:

Physics Professor Kevin Smith and his group’s work were recently highlighted in the Journal of Chemical Physics. This work, focused on understanding the effects of water on oxide catalyst surfaces, could help scientists understand how water could change electronic and surface structures. To learn more about the groups work, please visit their group site.

Wanzheng Hu Receives NSF Career Award
January 22, 2020:

Wanzheng Hu, an assistant professor, has just received a five year, $630,000 Faculty Early Career Development award from the National Science Foundation. The goal of the award is to advance our knowledge on the relation between crystal structure and high-temperature superconductivity, and to identify the most efficient knob to control the physical properties of iron-based superconductors. This project also includes broad education and outreach programs for female graduate students in physics, local female high school students, and K-12 students. For more info on her research, please visit her lab website

Roscoe Giles named AAAS Fellow
January 21, 2020:

Physics affiliate Roscoe Giles was recently elected as a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in part for his leadership and work in advancing diversity and inclusion in the sciences. In addition to being a professor, he is the board chair of the Associated Universities, Inc.

To learn more about his research and advocacy, visit BU Research.