Boston University Physics News Archive: 2019

Second International Summer Institute on Network Physiology (ISINP 2019)
August 13, 2019:

Research Professor Plamen Ch. Ivanov directed the Second International Summer Institute on Network Physiology (ISINP 2019) at the Lake Como School for Advanced Studies, Italy. Attended by 120 participants from 25 countries, the event focused on a new emerging interdisciplinary field at the interface of physics, biomedical engineering and medicine to understand health and disease through networks of organ interactions. Originated from research at the BU Laboratory for Network Physiology, and supported by the W. M. Keck Foundation and the Alessandro Volta Foundation, the event was organized by dedicated committee members: Jilin Wang, Rossella Rizzo, Congtai Hu and Dr. Xiyun Zhang at the BU Physics Department.


Professor Chris Grant featured in BU Today
August 02, 2019:

Physics Professor Chris Grant has been featured in BU Today for his work on the WATCHMAN project. This project, which is scheduled to be completed by 2023, will allow for the detection of antineutrinos from nuclear plants.


Physics Undergrad selected as a 2019 Goldwater Scholar
May 21, 2019:

BU Physics rising senior, Salvatore Pace, has been named as a 2019 Goldwater Scholar, the premier national recognition for exceptional undergraduate STEM students. Sal works with professors Campbell and Grant to conduct research in condensed matter physics with a focus on non-equilibrium phenomena in many-body systems. Congratulations Sal!

Courtney Clark awarded with the 2019 CAS Outstanding Service Award
April 30, 2019:

Congratulations to Undergraduate Program Coordinator Courtney Clark. Courtney has been named as one of six winners of the 2019 CAS Outstanding Service Award. The award is presented by the college to BU staff members who perform responsibilities at an outstanding level, demonstrate exceptional care for students, serve as a role model for others, and promote exceptional working relationships both within a department and across the University. Courtney has been with the Physics Department for 10 years, and is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day functioning of the Physics Department's undergraduate program. 

Physics Undergrad, Miranda Bryson, accepted into DOE-INFN summer exchange program
April 24, 2019:

BU Physics Undergrad, Miranda Bryson, has been accepted into the DOE-INFN summer exchange program! The DOE-INFN program is a program dedicated to the exchange of eleven US and Italian students in science and engineering.

INFN, one of the leading organization worldwide promoting basic scientific research, is involved with cutting-edge activities in all major INFN-DoE areas of interest: Particle Physics, Astroparticle Physics, Nuclear Physics, Theoretical Physics and Detector Physics.

Miranda will be spending half the summer at CERN testing CMS muon electronics and half the summer in Milano learning about fast tracking algorithms being designed for LHCb! Congratulations Miranda!

Professor David Bishop elected to the National Academy of Engineering
March 01, 2019:

Physics Professor David Bishop was elected to the National Academy of Engineering this February. The NAE is part of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, and it has more than 2,000 peer-elected members. These members are drawn from senior professionals in business, academia, and government, who are among the world’s most accomplished engineers. Members are nominated and elected based on contributions to engineering research, practice, or education. Congratulations David!

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Alex Sushkov and Liam Fitzpatrick featured in BU Today
February 28, 2019:

Assistant professors Alex Sushkov and Liam Fitzpatrick were featured in a new video by BU Today. In the video and accompanying article, the two talk about the differences and rivalry between theoretical and experimental physics.

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g-2 Experiment named as one of the science stories likely to make headlines in 2019 by Science Mag
February 08, 2019:

Science Magazine has been named as one of the 13 science stories likely to make headlines in 2019. The g-2 experiment focuses on studying the magnetism of a particle called the muon, hopefully to find results that could point to new particles or forces. Due to this, a result could be one of the biggest stories in particle physics this year!

Lee Roberts, along with Jim Miller and Rob Carey play important roles in the experiment and are continuing to be important in the Fermilab. 

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