Nanotechnology is widely heralded as promising a flood of novel devices that, perhaps by combining electronic, chemical, and biological functionality, will revolutionize our society. But many of the concepts underpinning the new nanotechnology are based on scientific knowledge developed in the last century. The aim of this workshop is to posit and explore new basic scientific questions that must be answered to exploit fully the promise of nanotechnology. Has the theory that we need for moving ahead really already been developed 40 years ago? How much room is there for new theoretical physics developments? On the experimental side, are the future challenges simply in materials fabrication, or is there fundamental physics and chemistry to be uncovered? How relevant is the science of correlated matter in nanotechnology?

This ICAM workshop will be divided into presentations of present research and views of the future of "The Science within Nanotechnology", in particular the roles of complex and correlated matter in nanotechnology. Speakers will be grouped according to their expertise and be asked to present, in addition to their current research, their views on the basic science questions required to guide developments in nanotechnology. Plenary discussions will follow, and they will take a critical view of the directions that lie ahead for the "frontiers of science within nanotechnology."

Invited Speakers Organizing Committee
Ian Affleck, UBC
Ray Ashoori, MIT
Leon Balents, UC Santa Barbara
Gordon Baym, Illinois *
Ahmed Busnaina, Northeastern
Alexander Chernyshev, UC Irvine
Mike Crommie, UC Berkeley*
Kamil Ekinci, BU
David Goldhaber-Gordon, Stanford
Bert Halperin, Harvard
Joe Imry, Weizmann
Krzysztof Kempa, Boston College
Charles Marcus, Harvard
Carlo Montemagno, UCLA
Chetan Nayak, UCLA *
Franco Nori, Michigan and RIKEN
Masaki Oshikawa, Tokyo Inst. of Tech. *
Jeevak Parpia, Cornell
Dale Van Harlingen, Illinois
Michael Weiner, Biophan Technologies, Inc.
Ali Yazdani, Princeton

* To be confirmed
Claudio Chamon, BU
Raj Mohanty, BU
Antonio Castro Neto, BU
Cynthia Brossman, BU
Michael Naughton, BC
Steven R. White, UC Irvine


Frontiers of Science within Nanotechnology
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