Graduate Student Council

The Graduate Student Council is an organization of physics graduate students trying to make the physics department even awesomer for graduate students. We have a list of ongoing physics graduate events as well as useful resources. If you have any website suggestions, or general questions, you can contact us by emailing:

All Events

Here is a list of all the physics department events that are focused towards graduate students.

Lunch with Colloquium Speaker: Every Tuesday that has a colloquia. This is a chance to have an informal discussion with the visiting researcher. We talk about physics as well as how to succeed in research, academia, and life. Complete list here.

Student Research Lunch: Every Tuesday that does not have a colloquia. Graduate students will present about their research followed by discussion. See complete list here.

Graduate Student Talks: These include Preliminary Oral Exams, Departmental Seminars, and Thesis Defense.

Student Condensed Matter Seminar: Graduate students presention and discussion on Condensed Matter papers (broadly defined). Currently organized by Luca D'Alessio, follow link for full CM Journal Club schedule.

Ice Cream Social: The first Thursday of every month. Ice cream always leads to better physics discussions. Event list here.

Summary of Upcoming Events

For the complete list, see the links above. Below are the events in the near future.


Who is the Graduate Student Council?

Elsa Abreu, Alan Gabel, Kun Geng, Alex Lang, Jiayuan Luo, Carsten MaedlerSebastian Remi, Ying Tang, Kyle Vigil

Useful Resources

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GSO Graduate Student Survival Guide

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