Assessing fractality for empirical temporal signals with application to brain dynamics

Speaker: Andras Eke, Semmelweis University & Yale University

When: July 20, 2020 (Mon), 12:00PM to 01:00PM (add to my calendar)
Location: SCI 352
Hosted by: Plamen Ivanov

This event is part of the Biophysics Seminars. 12:30PM.

In my presentation I will provide a cross-section of the research efforts of my group in the field. Starting out with monofractality, I will talk about the need to establish a model-based framework with the central theme of signal classification (1,2,3), the need for testing the performance of data acquisition (using the exemplary case of functional magnetic resonance imaging blood oxygen level-dependent (fMRI-BOLD) signal)(4) and analytical tools (1-3). I will elaborate on our findings on fractal temporal correlation in cerebral hemodynamics in animal and human models using laser Doppler flowmetry, laser speckle contrast imaging, functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) and fMRI-BOLD signals (5-9). Then I will continue with addressing the challenging aspects of assessing multifractality of commonly heterogeneous empirical signals by introducing our focus-based multifractal analytical approach and its adaptation to bimodal signals acquired in animal and human brain fMRI-BOLD and fNIRS data (10-12). I will conclude by discussing our most recent discovery of the true multifractality of dynamic functional connectivity metrics and their topology in the human brain using data from fNIRS and electroencephalography measurements (13-16).


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