Charged particle timing with 30-50 ps resolution in CMS for the high luminosity LHC upgrade

Speaker: David Stuart , University of California, Santa Barbara

When: December 5, 2019 (Thu), 03:30PM to 04:30PM (add to my calendar)
Location: PRB 595
Hosted by: Indara Suarez

This event is part of the HEE Seminar Series.

The CMS detector is being upgraded for phase two of the LHC, where a dataset with much larger integrated luminosity will precisely measure the Higgs boson couplings and extend new phenomena searches to cover challenging scenarios with large backgrounds. Collecting that larger dataset will require much higher instantaneous luminosity causing up to 200 overlapping proton-proton collisions in each crossing, which complicates event reconstruction. A new detector system within this upgrade, the MIP Timing Detector, will provide precise time measurements with 30 to 50 ps resolution for each charged particle. This 4D tracking will resolve the collisions in both space and time, broadly improving the event reconstruction performance. I will describe the motivations for this new detector, its design, and recent progress. I will also discuss the potential for using precise timing information for long-lived particle searches and show a related recent result from CMS Run 2 data.