Genealogies in expanding populations reveal new universality classes.

Note: *Refreshments are served in the SCI Lounge at 3:00PM.*
Speaker: Kirill Korolev, Boston University, Physics Department

When: September 17, 2019 (Tue), 03:30PM to 04:30PM (add to my calendar)
Location: SCI 109
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This event is part of the Physics Department Colloquia Series.

Reaction-diffusion waves describe diverse natural phenomena from crystal growth in physics to tumor growth in biology. Many aspects of these phenomena are stochastic because expanding entities---whether atoms or cells---are discrete. A quantitative description of fluctuations in growing populations remains an open problem. Recently, we have made significant progress in this direction by looking at physical processes through the lens of biology. I will show that expanding populations fall into one of three universality classes with very different physical and genetic properties. As a result, external perturbations can be used to control evolutionary outcomes in growing populations.