Floquet-engineering counterdiabatic protocols in quantum many-body systems

Speaker: Pieter Claeys , Boston University, Physics Department

When: April 3, 2019 (Wed), 04:00PM to 05:00PM (add to my calendar)
Location: SCI 328

This event is part of the Biophysics/Condensed Matter Seminar Series.

Counterdiabatic driving is a way of generating adiabatic dynamics at arbitrary pace, where excitations due to non-adiabaticity can be exactly compensated using the adiabatic gauge potential. However, obtaining and implementing this gauge potential in many-body systems is a formidable task, requiring knowledge of the spectral properties of the instantaneous Hamiltonians and control of highly nonlocal multibody interactions. We show how an approximate gauge potential can be built up as a series of nested commutators, which can be easily obtained and used to systematically suppress excitations. This gauge potential can then be generated up to arbitrary order using tools from periodically-driven (Floquet) systems through resonant oscillations of the instantaneous Hamiltonian with the driving term, such that approximate counterdiabatic driving protocols can be realized without leaving the available control space. This is illustrated on few- and many-body quantum systems, where the resulting Floquet protocols provide a drastic increase in fidelity and suppressed dissipation.